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Customized Commercial & Industrial Programs


Entergy provides a full range of products and services enabling Commercial and Industrial (C&I) enterprises to reduce cost and maximize energy reliability. Entergy’s “DataLink” provides the products and services needed to gain a thorough understanding of energy data and the ability to use that information to develop and implement complete energy management strategies.

Datalink is differentiated by extensive client service capabilities that include integration support for fast, successful implementation; 24 X 7 account monitoring and support. Please contact us at the DataLink Hotline @ 800-766-1648 for more information.



Entergy is pleased to offer two curtailable programs. The Arkansas Public Service Commission has approved two innovative programs within the Entergy Arkansas, Inc. jurisdiction entitled Experimental Energy Reduction Rider (EER) and Market Valued Energy Reduction Service Rider (MVER).

Both the EER and the MVER programs enable Entergy and its qualified customers to jointly participate in reducing electric demand during times of critical need or highly volatile pricing. Both programs provide a monetary incentive for our customers to release Entergy from its obligation to supply electric power. Customers in the program utilize their back-up generators, and/or other load management capabilities to accomplish their pledged reductions.