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Agricultural Irrigation Load Control Program

Remote control for your wells plus cost control for your accounts.

Receive cash-back incentives through the Agricultural Irrigation Load Control Program.

You can save an average of $100 per pump on your Entergy Arkansas metered well pump accounts this summer by helping us manage peak power usage. You will also be able to control your irrigation pumps from a computer, smartphone or tablet throughout the growing season.

At no cost to you, we install the new control hardware. Your end of the bargain is simply allowing Entergy to power off your participating wells during peak demand months of June through August. These interruptions are restricted to weekdays, for up to four hours. Typically, power-offs happen much less frequently. In 2014, interruptions occurred on only one day of the entire summer, and only seven days of the year before.

Start Saving Today

To add your wells to the program, call 1-855-664-FARM (3276) or email farmers@entergy.com.

* In certain emergency situations, Entergy Arkansas could be required to curtail service to preserve system integrity. For details, click here.