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"I have definitely taken advantage of the discounts on CFLs at my local Home Depot and switched out all my old bulbs. I did notice a drop in my utility bill. I plan on installing some of the new LED bulbs and look forward to even more savings. I think it definitely makes sense to conserve energy rather than build new power plants."

– Jerry, Batesville, AR

Lighting & Appliances Program – For Your Home

More ways to save. From the convenience of your home.

Qualifying advanced thermostats now available with a $60 instant discount.

Warm your heart and home this fall with savings from an Energy Star® certified advanced thermostat. These smart devices are Wi-Fi enabled and can automatically adjust heating and cooling temperature settings for optimal performance. For the average American household, almost half of the annual energy bill goes to heating and cooling -- more than $900 a year. Save money and stay comfortable in your home by upgrading to an advanced thermostat.


We'll offer discounts on other energy-saving appliances throughout the year. So please check this site regularly, and join our email list to receive periodic updates on promotions and tips for saving energy.

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Questions? Contact Us. (877) 212-2420 or email us at EAI-Appliances@clearesult.com.